The Parents’ Association at the Lycée ICOF aims to :

  • encourage and guarantee the free choice of school in accordance with the natural right of parents to educate and to send their children to a school according to their conscience ;
  • promote the nature of Catholic education expressed in the educational project of the establishment together with the management and the relevant bodies ;
  • implement and make the Apel project known and strengthen feelings of belonging to a national movement. The association belongs to the Apel of the Rhône department and is a member of the Apel of the academy of Lyon, which itself is a member of the Apel France ;
  • bring together everyone who has parental authority with regard to the students who are enrolled in the establishment and to ensure that they are regularly informed ;
  • represent the families with regard to public authorities and all civil or religious authorities, and more generally with regard to third parties ;
  • study all questions concerned with the education of children, their rights and their duties and those of their families ;
  • facilitate helping other families in the establishment ;
  • take part in the life of the educational community and promote it while respecting the skills of each individual ;
  • support the establishment and help organise its activities.
The ICOF APEL 2014 – 2015

President :

  • Enrico MANCUSO

Vice president :

  • Brigitte SAINT-BONNET

Treasurer :

  • Bénédicte CRETINON

Assistant treasurer :

  • Adeline BLANC

Secretary :

  • Laure BROYER

Assistant secretary 1 :

  • Stéphanie TRUCHON BARTES

Assistant secretary:2 :


To contact us : apel@icof.fr