Pastoral Care


The educational project of the establishment takes its inspiration and strength from the Bible. It is strongly influenced by St. Angela Merici (who founded the Order of the Ursulines) and the educational tradition of establishments which were founded in her name.
Everyone who works at the ICOF brings their contribution to pastoral care by living and behaving in accordance with the educational project.

The pastoral project aims to :

  • develop students both in a spiritual and human manner
  • encourage students to act as one and to be open and respectful of others
  • discover and to understand better the Christian faith which is the foundation of our educational project
  • prompt people to discover the religious dimension of life, art and our religious heritage
  • allow those who want to celebrate Christian holidays to be able to pray and share their faith
  • inform and invite other young people from the Lyon diocese to events organised by the ICOF pastoral team.

2020 – 2021 School Year • THEME

This year all the institutions Merician network ( Ursuline ) of France , Belgium and Spain are invited to go even off getting to know a woman : St. Mary of the Incarnation Guyart , Ursuline seventeenth century, first missionary woman in New France .

After a rereading of our year 2013-2014 we propose to awaken in us and in our practices a focus of Merician project : attention to the person

« Pay attention to everyone to move forward together »

Other proposals based on the requests of students associations (CVL , BDE and / or the educational team)