Upper sixth year : STMG BAC – Human Resources and Communication option


General information
  • This option explores the way in which organisations operate specifically from a group and human perspective. Students study the spontaneous or organised networks of communications which contribute to group work, and how people are managed.
  • This option paves the way for higher education in communication, management, and human resources studies.
The following subjects are studied :
  • study of the group and group dynamics,
  • communication in organisations,
  • management of documents,
  • protection and security of company data,
  • techniques of communication in a group setting,
  • study of human resources in the organisation,
  • work conditions.
To do well in this option, the student should :
  • like communication and management, be at ease with both written and oral expression, have an analytical mind and like organisation.

The necessary prerequisites :

  • a good understanding of the Lower Sixth curriculum in communication, information and management,
  • good written and oral communication skills,
  • be familiar with a computer,
  • be good at languages.